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So I just wanted to talk about how great the L.A. show was. Sep knows I am not trying to rub it in or anything, already talked to him. I would post a review but too busy or lazy as usual. Got there a good hour or so before AWK even came on. They allow tailgaiting at the L.A. Sports Arena so wanted to get there early and get prepared. Many others blasting Sabbath in the parking lot and getting ready. Total ghetto area so not the place to show up late and be looking for a parking spot. Skipped the stupid DJ set as planned. Got in probably 15 minutes before Sabbath. I was very impressed to say the least. I know Ozzy caught alot of shit on this tour, but at my show he was really good. I know it's hard to believe but he did a great job. His voice was buried a little bit in the mix for the first couple songs but they fixed it as it went on. I was lucky to catch him on a really good night. He didn't fuck up at all. As expected, Tony, Geez, and Tommy were tight and sounded great. I knew they wouldn't go out with a below average performance. I didn't like Clufetos at first, but damn he was great. So what if he looks like a moron doing it. They didn't skip any songs by the way. I was so impressed I wish I could see the same show again. I have no complaints about anything Sabbath related, even the light show and stage setup looked sick. The venue is an old dump with no working air conditioner. With all the heat and humidity lately, holy shit was it fucked up in there! The crowd was responsive and great. Even got out of the parking lot really quick.
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