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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
That was the tail end of the Attitude era, not the golden era of 97-99. I just fucking hate Triple H so much that I can't glorify it for the guy. 2000 was all about the guy and I loath him.
Then you must have hated 2003 and 2004 when Triple H dominated the WWE and held the belt for most of that time. Triple H was great in his first main event run during the attitude era. Austin was gone for a year with the neck jury and HHH stepped up and carried the company while Austin was out. Those two periods in HHH's career are two of the greatest heel runs of all time.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Sanitarium, could you give us your thoughts on the Daniel Bryan as Stone Cold vs HHH as Vince McMahon story?
It's the best thing they've done in a long time. Yes, they've taken some influence from other past storylines that were similar but they've come up with something very good here. The heels are completely unlikable and you want to see Orton and company get the shit kicked out of them. Of course I always want to see Randy Orton get his ass kicked so nothing has changed for me there. The faces are easy to cheer for and are being portrayed as underdogs very well and you can easily get behind them.

I don't see Bryan as being like Austin. I see him more like Mick Foley back when he feuded with Vince and The Rock for the title in late 1998 and early 1999. Just like Mick, Bryan doesn't have the look of a WWE guy let alone a world champ and should never have made it as far as he has. But his heart, determination and willingness to give it all to entertain the fans has got him in the main event and the people 100 percent behind him. They need to get the belt on him at Night Of Champions. Four times since Summerslam Bryan has been left laying by Triple H and his goons to end the show. This can only happen so much before people lose faith in Bryan and stop believing he can win the belt back. He needs to win at Night Of Champions and have the belt while his character is still going strong and the fans are on fire for him. Otherwise the storyline will be a waste.

Triple H as always is doing a great job as a heel and getting everyone to hate him. He's playing the unlikable corporate heel perfectly. There is a big difference between Triple H and Vince when it comes to them being authority figures though. That is Triple H used to be a wrestler and a very decorated and accomplished one. He may be more fearsome in this role than Vince ever was because people know exactly what Triple H is capable of when someone pisses him off. Nobody wants Trips to bust out his trusty sledgehammer and get nailed with it. Having The Shield as the corporate muscle is a nice addition and makes Triple H come off as even more powerful and threatening with those three guarding the ring while him and Orton are in there.

I think at Night Of Champions we will get a group of faces, lead by Big Show, who will come down to the ring and fight off The Shield during the Bryan/Orton match and it will result in Bryan winning the belt. He deserves more than five minutes as WWE champ. Bryan should at least keep it until Survivor Series where he can drop it back to Orton. At least let the guy have the belt for a few months before Triple H finds a way to take it off him.

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