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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
I like most of A Thousand Leaves. Sonic Nurse is even better - and I only have to skip two songs! That's really good for them.

I haven't commented in here lately, but I like a lot of the things you've been posting. I should really check out more Aphex Twin. Oh, and seeing as how much you love Nails, check out All Pigs Must Die. Very similar sound, and I favor the latter much more highly.
Yeah, I've been on this massive Sonic Youth kick the last two weeks and have gotten five of their later albums. A Thousand Leaves is awesome. I love how it's so dreamy. The only things that throw me are the first song just is a weird way to start things off. And the last song isn't a very good closer. NYC Ghosts & Flowers is a very dark sounding album but it's probably one of their worst albums. It has a couple decent songs but has some songs that are really bad (I'm looking at you StreamXSonik Subway and Lightnin'). The title track has some really nice vocals near the beginning. And Renegade Princess is a cool song for the first half. Murray Street was really good. I like how jammy it feels. Sonic Nurse was good, mature and poppy. I Love You Golden Blue is probably one of my favorite vocal perfromances from Kim. And Rather Ripped was good and poppy, but unexceptional. Every song on that album was pretty much the same. Not that that's a bad thing. Just nothing on that album jumped out at me.

I'm still getting used to them all since it's only been a little over a week with all of them. But I really like them all, except NYC Ghosts & Flowers was a letdown. All of them are unmistakably Sonic Youth. They all bring something a little different to the table but yet still are all "them". A Thousand Leaves: dreamy. NYC Ghosts & Flowers: dark. Murray Street: improvised and loose. Sonic Nurse: mature. Rather Ripped: poppy.

In the grand scheme of all things Sonic Youth I'd say things rank like this, but it will probably change because it always does.
1. Goo
2. Washing Machine
4. Sister
5. A Thousand Leaves
6. Murray Street
7. Sonic Nurse
8. Daydream Nation
9. Rather Ripped
10. Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star
11. Dirty
12. NYC Ghosts & Flowers
The only two I really don't like are Dirty and NYC Ghosts & Fowers.

I'm with you and I consider them in my top ten bands now. I really wish I could've seen them live. But, in a way I'm glad they're done. Kim is sixty now and the rest of them all in their mid-to-late-fifties so they couldn't have gone on for much longer. It's too bad that it ended on a very sour note though (infidelity on Thurstons part). And who knows, they very well could get back together next year.
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