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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Okay, it may not be a cliffhanger, but it certainly is intriguing and exciting.
Only if you didn't realise that was the whole point from episode 4 onwards. Honestly, the other things going on, like the Lannister's gradual undermining of everything and whether or not the Starks can stop them, or the apparent return of the White Walkers, are far more intriguing story arcs than a war. A war is just a given. But they kind of just left those hanging where they were so they could show a couple of baby dragons to get people excited.

Have you seen the alternate ending to the Amanda Seyfried version of Red Riding Hood? It was basically that. Actually, they're both just the ending to every contrived '80s sci fi movie that ends with a baby being born to leave the possibility of a sequel open. Yes, it's part of the story for GoT, and yes it needs to be done, but as an ending to a season it was beyond weak.

Is that how the first book ends?

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Well, actually, you're somewhat wrong there. US story based dramas are often around the 10-13 episode mark per season. Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad
Hmm, yeah, there are definitely more short ones than long ones. Although '24' is the biggest exception to the rule I can think of.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Unlike Lost, it has a set story that it has yet to deviate from in any major way, so the plot twists aren't going to be ridiculous and seem made up on the spot.
Fortunately, I didn't expect it to. It seemed better than that, and Lost was just the dumbest shit, so I didn't think they'd make that mistake.

I'm not sure what to expect from season 2 (although it was dispatched this morning ), but really, calling the whole thing "seasons" is just wrong. It's one long thing and they clearly intended it to be that with the consecutive episode numbering. They just needed to make it in chunks because, let's face it, stations wouldn't be happy with something that wasn't appropriately divided into their concept of seasons. But it's pretty obvious the story doesn't fit that and they didn't do a very good job of making it pretend it does - probably on purpose, if I'm honest. I'm enjoying the fact that for the time being I can watch it properly, consecutively as it was clearly written to be, instead of having to wait for the gaps to end. I'll be annoyed when I get to the end of season 3 and can't watch season 4 yet

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