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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
My original run of watching wwe was 2004-2006.
That's unfortunate. Except for Benoit's and Eddie Guerrero's world title runs, those years were not too good at all.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Ah, you didn't miss much.
Yeah, he only missed the attitude era. Nothing to see there

Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Can we talk about how useless Ricardo Rodriguez is? I mean, personal ring announcer for RVD?! How silly. Not only does he do nothing for him, he almost takes it the other way anti-climactically. Now they have him rolling his R's more to try and give it a little kick...not working. RVD needs no ring announcer, once that music hits it's gold. I notice he does a lot less now of the in-ring RVD points/chants which sucks. Find another use for RR, because this current role is just poop.
RVD didn't need Bill Alfanso in ECW to talk for him and annoyingly blowing a whistle while he was in his corner during matches but he still did. It's just a "hype man" to add to RVD to make him more of a big deal. CM Punk didn't need Heyman at his side but his WWE title reign last year got about 10 times better once Heyman came in.

Ricardo with RVD makes sense if Ricardo is looking for revenge against Del Rio by backing the guy who will beat him for the title. Possibly with Ricardo getting involved to cost Del Rio the belt. Or Ricardo is just messing with RVD and will cost him his match and join back up with Del Rio. Him turning on RVD makes sense since Del Rio can retain the title through heelish means and losing like that won't hurt RVDs credibility too much. Plus, who doesn't want to see another pointless, boring world title run from Del Rio instead of RVD getting the proper world title run he should've had 10 years ago?
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