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"13" is really growing on me. I'll admit that the first few rounds I did enjoy the album but nothing too special. Now I must admit that I fucking love this album to death. I have been playing this record every single day, non stop for the past 2-3 months. I usually spin the entire disc before work, during my break, after work, and maybe one more session before I hit to sleep. This album is definitely no "Vol 4." or "Sabotage" but goddamn this album is still a stone cold classic. "End of the Beginning", "God is Dead", "Age of Reason", "Live Forever", "Zietgeist", and "Damaged Soul" will all go down as Sabbath classics.

Also, tomorrows Show in Los Angeles is the last and final stop of the North America Tour. I feel very fortunate that I got to snag me a ticket for tomorrows show because it is completely sold out(I got some pretty damn good seats in the very front). I'm pretty sure this is one of the only shows of the tour that's actually sold out, not to mention I'm pretty sure that this is the only show that is in an indoor arena(Every other gig has been in out door amphitheaters).

Eitherway, tomorrow will be a night to be remembered. Irvine was a GREAT show but I'm really looking forward to seeing Iommi and Co. at tomorrows LA date.
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