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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
I loved the LOTR trilogy, I liked The Hobbit. It annoys me how much detail they're going into with it when so much got cut out of LOTR, which is my biggest beef, really. I have no problem with the CGI, but I've never paid much attention to that stuff anyway.

I don't like the 3D stuff, either. I hated that that was my only option at the movie theatre to see this movie. I rarely go out to see a movie these days and if everything's going to be 3D, rarely will turn into never.
There was a time that my local theater never offered both the 2 & 3D versions. But about a year ago, they changed their minds.

The 2D screening for The Wolverine was as equally packed as the 3D-one. It's just there to earn extra money.
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