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You peeps sure do have little faith in the Bengals. That team is stacked on offense and on defense.

The breakout year of Giovani Bernard at RB will help them out greatly which will open up Green to go HAM. Bengals will win their division and finally a playoff game.

Atlanta ain't doing shit. People give Dallas shit but Falcons are just as bad. You can have a monster offense but that wont help you when you have a shitty ass defense. They have so many wholes on D it's crazy.

Dallas will finally emerge at the top of the NFC East again and make noise in the playoffs. They won't go to the Bowl but they will finally break out of their slump since everyone on D is healthy and not hurt like last year. Romo will fix his shit finally and Dez Bryant will go fucking HAM like he did the second half of last season. I have faith in my boys :3
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