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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
No cliffhanger? The series ends with the guarantee that a gigantic war is about to start and that none of the sides should be discounted.
That's not a cliffhanger. It was obvious from about episode 5, maybe even earlier. The whole thing has been about all the factions going to war.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
It has it's flaws, certainly, but as a series it's endings do what they need to do, make people want to watch the next season.
Exactly. Because they aren't endings. The story is merely part way through. Born out by the fact that the seasons are so short - half the length of a normal US drama - and the episodes are numbered consecutively from season to season. They're telling the story in half season chunks and calling them full seasons. It's like saying episode 10 of a regular US series does it's job by making people want to watch episode 11, it's just in this case episode 11 is the first one of the second "season". It's probably partly as a means of dragging it out for as long as possible without going to 'Lost' extents of idiotic plot twists, and because it likely costs so damn much to make they need to spread the production costs out.

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