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Alright friends, here's another couple of chats for you all, Crag Dweller and Ovvl. I saw them both at a house show in Concord, was mighty impressed and offered on the spot interviews. Both bands ended up crashing at my apartment in LA when they dropped by on tour haha.

This one is Crag Dweller, a seriously sick stoner rock trio from Portland. They're all really cool dudes, their bassist Cliff is especially super nice. I think they'll really be a band to watch out for in the next couple of years. Apparently this was their first interview ever, so that's pretty cool haha.

Next up is Ovvl, an old school hard rock/classic metal band from the bay. I met their drummer Clint when I helped track some songs for his other (fucking awesome) band, Hazzard's Cure. Clint's always a really cool and cheery guy to talk to, and he's basically King of the Road. Dude's toured all over the country with a bajillion bands, despite only being like 30ish. Anyway, the chat was a little odd since those guys were a bit inexperienced with interviews, the long pauses of them thinking of answers to the questions obviously didn't make it into the transcript.

My next project is something beyond awesome, a huge in-depth article on Impaled. The scope of it just keeps getting bigger and bigger the farther into it I get, so I really can't wait to share more with you all on that.

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