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NFL Season 2013-14

Real American Football is back in 3 days!

So here what I feel like will play out over the season

Results: ()=playoff seed, duh

AFC East

1. Patriots (2)
2. Dolphins
3. Bills
4. Jets

Despite all the shit the Patriots have gone through in the off season with injuries to key players and a key player who will be most likely be wearing an orange uniform for the rest of his life (and I'm not talking about Wes Welker and the Broncos), the Pats will once again cruise to another division title and a bye. The Dolphins will compete but will fall short of a playoff spot; the Bills are rebuilding again and may have to start a undrafted rookie QB on opening day, and the Jets...well the Jets are the Jets, I'm more interesting seeing how long Rex Ryan is able to survive this dumpster fire before getting pushed out; it's not a good sign when your first major mental error and media meltdown comes in the 3rd preseason game. It really would not surprise me if the Jets got a top three pick in the 2014 draft

AFC North

1. Ravens (3)
2. Bengals (5)
3. Steelers
4. Browns

The Ravens Lost a lot of people from their Super Bowl run, but still will be able to hold off the Bengals for the division title; The Bengals will have to win a playoff game otherwise I see Marvin Lewis getting the can. Something feels really off about the Steelers this year and they will fall short again this year. And I don't really have to talk about the Browns, do I.

AFC South

1. Texans (4)
2. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jaguars

The Texans and Colts will battle it out for a while but I can see the sophomore slump affecting Andrew Luck and the Colts falling out the race in December. The Titans are a mess, and the Jaguars have by far the worse uniforms in football (two tone helmets really, that is pop warner shit right there)

AFC West

1. Broncos (1)
2. Chiefs (6)
3. Chargers
4. Raiders

Yes, this is a homer pick but even with all the shit my Broncos saw in the offseason (faxgate, DUI's for two big wigs, injuires) the Broncos take the #1 seed because of how weak the AFC looks to be this year. As long as Peyton Manning stays healthy and has a good running game, they will be very hard to stop; Me picking the Chiefs to get a wild card spot is all gut feeling but they have a new coach will playoff experience, a new QB who still would have lead the 49ers deep in the playoffs had he now gotten injured, and a solid offense. The Chargers will show promise here there, and the Raiders.....Fuck the Raiders

NFC East

1. Giants (4)
2. Cowboys
3. Redskins
4. Eagles

All in all the east has always been the most competitive division in football and this year will be no different; the big question is can RGIII stay healthy and I'm going to say no; with all the running around he does it's going to come down to a slippery field and/or a player hitting him just right, and pop goes the knee. I have been reading that the Cowboys are a popular pick to make it to the playoffs. I say nay simply because I don't see Tony Romo ever making it to the next level of being a QB

NFC North

1. Packers (3)
2. Vikings
3. Bears
4. Lions

Pretty much the same results as last year, and I can really see the Packers going after the #2 Seed as long as Rodgers stays healthy. The Vikings managed to get into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth in large part due to an amazing season by AP, but teams are going to pay a lot more planning to him, and Ponder will have to step up which I don't see happening enough to push them into the playoffs. DA BEARS have a new coach whose most recent experience was coaching the CFL ya sure; I have been hearing that this year may be the make or break year for Culter who is entering his 5th season with the Bears. And the Lions....well let's put it this way the playoff game in 2011 seems so long ago.

NFC South

1. Falcons (2)
2. Saints (6)
3. Buccaneers
4. Panthers

It is Superbowl or bust for the Falcons and with Sean Payton back as head coach the Saints get a wild card just as long as they don't give up 200 football fields worth of yards on defense like they did last year; both the Panthers and Bucs will show promise but will fade out by November

NFC West

1. 49ers (1)
2. Seahawks (5)
3. Rams
4. Cardinals

The race between the 49ers and the Seahawks will be the most exciting to watch this year; Russel Wilson will be the one player to avoid the sophomore slump and the race could come down to the final week, as I feel like these teams will end up in the 12-14 win range. The Rams are a team to keep an eye on as they may not make the playoffs but they could upset some teams


wildcard round

(5) Bengals over (4) Texans- Third time's the charm!

(3) Ravens over (6) Chiefs

(5) Seahawks over (4) Giants

(3) Packers over (6) Saints


(1) Broncos over (5) Bengals

(2) Patriots over (3) Ravens

(1) 49ers over (5) Seahawks

(2) Falcons over (3) Packers

Conference Championship

(1) Broncos over (2) Patriots

(1) 49ers over (2) Falcons

Super Bowl

Broncos 24, 49ers 21

Yes again a homer pick but I feel like the shit stain that was last years playoff loss to the Ravens will really drive Denver to get to the Super Bowl and unless the 49ers just fall apart for some reason I don't see anyone in the NFC being able to stop them.

What do you guys think will happen?
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