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Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve (1995)

I will get lynched for saying this but I think anything Meshuggah released after this sucked. Chaosphere was good but was a bit too chaotic. ObZen and I were good. Nothing, Catch 33 and Koloss bored the hell out of me. People blow huge loads over everything they’ve done since but I don’t think those albums are worth it because this album was a goddamn masterpiece. I really shouldn’t have to get too much into this album because everyone here has heard it. But for the two of you who haven’t the band was a totally different beast back in these days. Now they play this bored sounding robotic dronish metal. Back in these days they had these crazy, spastic riffs and all these fucked up time signatures. They didn't have those stupid eight string guitars (which may as well be bass guitars). They had a real drummer (I know they still have the same drummer today but isn’t everything on albums programmed?). And unlike their later albums all of the songs brought something different to the table. The punishing beating of Soul Burn, the frantic chaos of the title track and the ominous doom of Suffer in Truth. You have to put yourself in my shoes in 1997. The late 1990's was such a great time for metal. And no band sounded like this. This was faster, heavier and more technical than almost anything else out there. When you’re just getting into extreme metal like I was than this is an album that will stick with you forever. I don't buy Meshuggahs albums anymore but anything I hear by them is instantly compared to this and is cast aside. Because nothing they ever put out will come close to being as good as this.
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