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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
I went to a TNA event in January 2012. They were at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. Place holds 7,500 people. There couldn't have been more than 600 people there. It was sad.
That's bad. And they were in a better place then than now.

I've been to two TNA events and it was back when they were as hot as they ever got (2008). First was a house show in early 2008 and they got forty two hundred people a seventy five hundred seat arena, so over half. Second was the No Surrender PPV in 2008 and the same arena had thirty five hundred people. So a PPV drew less people than a house show.

The house show did have the best non-televised match I've seen in my life; AJ Styles and Samoa Joe verses LAX. The PPV had that AJ Styles verses Frank Trigg MMA match that got inducted into wrestlecrap this past March. A match so good I'd forgotten I'd even seen it.
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