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Black Sabbath - Headless Cross (1989)

Tony Martin's era is overlooked, of course by those who think that Sabbath is only Ozzy and probably also by a lot of Dio-era fans.
I even hoped for some kind of final tour with Martin...

It's obviously too late for that, but what's left is, for instance, this album. Yes, the lyrics are very satanic, which might be not the original point of Sabbath (are they/are they not?), but they fit the music, with haunting riffs (Kill in the spirit world,...) and of course Cozy Powell's brilliant drumming.

Sure, there are some great solos too (duh), but here we have the only time Iommi let someone else perform one, and boys and girls, it's none other than Brian May on When Death Calls.

Too bad most songs were never played again after the tour, but to me this album is right behind Heaven & Hell and The Mob Rules.

Favorite track: When Death Calls

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