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Dying Earth
The Sword

Yeah, this album fucks Warp Riders' couch all day long.

Jigolo Har Megiddo
Ghost B.C.

Damn you, Ghost, for making it impossible for me to not like you a little bit...


Heavy shit is fucking heavy.

God is Dead?
Black Sabbath

Now this is some classic-sounding Sabbath right here, folks.

White Storm of Teeth
III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars
The Devil's Blood


...And the World Is As Night to Them

Now this song is the jam, son. Check it out when the shit really hits the fan at around 4:35.

All right, kids. That about does it for me. I'm almost home and I gotta take care of business. At any rate, if nothing else, this thread has made up for about nine months worth of missing posts by yours truly in the "Now Playing" and "2013" threads, as this is a pretty good representation of what I've been listening to all year, and my opinions on the majority of it.

Now if I could only get caught up this easily on my J:M reviews and Best of 2012 thread...
8/1 SummersLaughter
8/10 Boris / Atlas Moth / SubRosa
9/8 Man or Astro-Man?

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