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The Goddamn Gallows -- Memphis, TN -- August 28th, 2013

Bottom of the Barrel was the opening act and their name was very appropriate, but took a pic of their setlist, so here it is:

Old Bones
Getting Arrested
Baby Don't Do It
Ain't A Good Thing
Daddys Song
Tony Hunt
Drinking Alone
After Today
Too Damn Long (I was thinking the exact same thing about their set)
Better This Way
Whiskey's the Reason I Drink

Up next was the Calamity Cubes and they were fantastic. Very high energy.
Songs with a ? I do not know the title, just put some lyrics.

Anchor's Way
Rock Chalk
Devil in her Eyes
Delia Rose
?Tell them stories, heard them all, we all fall down? (with Baby G & Mikey)
?House of Spades? (with Baby G, Mikey, Joe and Fishgutzzz)
Ivan (with Baby G & Mikey)
?Freeway Baby?
Gold Light (the three members played out in the audience, almost got nailed by the bass a couple times)

Now the Goddamn Gallows, they were on fire. They didn't play the entire set that they had on their setlist. I grabbed one and it was written on a page torn from some porn mag. They skipped 3 songs after the Maker (Ragz n Bones, End of the World, Ragtime Sinner). They started about 11:50pm and played until about 1am.

47 Crosses
Ghost of th' Rails
Y'all Motherfuckers Need Jesus
7 Devils
Save Yourself
What Was the High
Load Yer Guns
The Maker
Pass Me the Bottle
Gutterbilly Blues
Born 2 Lie (with Brook)
Waiting Around to Die (with Brook)
In League with Satan (with the Calamity Cubes - A goddamn Calamity, as they called it)
Howlin' Wind

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