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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I like T.D. Jr. Sure he didn't do much, but he was/is a lot more enjoyable than Cody Rhodes.
Speaking of Cody, I watched the first 5 minutes of Main Event last night... those cheers HAD to be edited in for Cody, it was insanely loud

And to the Manager topic, I feel Heyman is not helping Curt Hennig's son at all. That dude is just not believable. I am sure he is good and I am just not watching him enough, but he's just too generic for me.
Cody is a lot better than Dibiase Jr. Cody is one of those guys that no matter what they give him, he seems to do his best to make it work. Kind of like what Kane has done his whole career. Cody has also shown that he does have some personality and can talk on the mic. His problem right now is he has no character. He's just a guy wrestling on the card that the WWE isn't giving us a reason to care either way about at the moment.

It's still too soon for me to give a full verdict on Curtis Axel. The guy is solid in the ring, he knows what he's doing in a match and does everything well during it. It's just nothing about him stands out in the least. His moves are ordinary for the most part and he is devoid of any kind of personality which is the exact opposite of his father. Still, we're only a few months into his run with Heyman. I'll give it until maybe to Royal Rumble to see if this really helps Axel in anyway or not. You're right though, as of right now he's just too generic. Maybe something will finally click with him in the next few months and he can stand out in some way. I've read Triple H is a fan of Axel's, so he'll probably have a regular spot on TV for a while unless he royally fucks up.
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