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The Nat's Infinite Flight Cancellation Road Trip Set List

I did something like this once before and called it "Virtual Tour through The Nat's MP3 Player", or something like that, and some folks seemed to like it, so... This time, though, instead of my MP3 player, the source will be this flash drive I sometimes use to transfer files between work and home (and friends as well). It has mostly 2013 stuff on it, with a few albums from last year. I'm roughly an hour into the trip so far, and the set list was so awesome I just had to do this. May Satan have mercy on all your souls...

Incidentally, the thread title comes from the fact that I was in Birmingham, AL for a few days this week and was supposed to fly home tonight, but my flight got canceled and like a stubborn mule / true idiot, I decided to rent a car and drive home instead doing the usual gig of taking a cab, checking into a hotel, getting a few hours of sleep and then getting another cab to the airport when the sun comes up and taking two flights home, only to arrive home exhausted sometime in the late afternoon at best. Fuck that. Instead, I chose to muscle through an eleven-hour drive and get home on my own terms. Hence, this thread, which probably no one will read because it's getting posted in the middle of the night. But fuck it - I'm bored and the music is awesome so let's fucking do this.

(By the way, I'll probably post in bunches when I take breaks, so don't worry about the ol' Nat texting and driving. )
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