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The Bulls & the Bees
Released on March 13th, 2012
Label: Scion A/V

King Buzzo – guitar, vocals
Coady Willis – drums, vocals
Dale Crover – drums, vocals
Jared Warren – bass, vocals

1. The War on Wisdom
2. We Are Doomed
3. Friends Before Larry
4. A Really Long Wait
5. National Hamster

This is the only music the Melvins have released with the Big Business guys that I can say I liked. Like actually enjoyed listening to and wished it didn’t end. And that’s really thanks to the brilliant songs Friends Before Larry and A Really Long Wait. Those two songs really reminded me of the Stag album (specifically Sterilized and Lacrimosa) in the way that they’re really warped, scary and not very characteristic of the Melvins in relation to the rest of the album. And the way that they meld into one another and make a perfect beast of a song. It just made me so happy listening to those songs to hear the band from twenty years earlier come out. The rest is the standard Melvins post millennium style rock but for some reason it just sounds better. Maybe in small doses their newer style is easier for me to get into. But the band just sounds like they care on this EP. Maybe because Scion gave them money and Ipecac was nowhere to be seen?
Favorite Song: Friends Before Larry
Rating: 3 out of 5
09/19 -- Godflesh
09/25-26 -- Godspeed You! Black Emperor
10/03 -- Origin
10/04 -- Black Dahlia Murder
10/16 -- Negura Bunget
11/01 -- Deafheaven
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