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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I got to the venue around 630. We pregamed until almost 8 and headed in. I waited for Pablo to get in until I heard the sirens for War Pigs and ran like hell
That's exactly what happened to us at the show. We got to the venue around 6pm and Pre Gamed all the way until the sirens for War Pigs came on. We ran like hell for like ten minutes cause we parked all the way near the area where the Seven Eleven is at. Our drunk asses ended up missing all of war pigs. We literally got to our seats as soon as the final notes to the song finishes up. It was our own damn faults. Every time we finished drinking we would get ready to head into the venue, only to change our minds and run back to the Seven Eleven to get more alcohol. It went on like that from 6pm all the way until the sirens to war pigs came on. This show is some what of a blur to me. Don't really remember much of it all. I had drinkin' far beyond my limit which is why I didn't leave my usual long reviews on how the show went down or else there would have been one attached to this thread ahahha. I only remember a few things here and there(like the slater guy ahahah, hearing black sabbath and Children). I don't really drink at all, nor do I ever drink at shows(I've mentioned this numerous times when I first joined this site), but I made an acception for this show. Unfortunately i had drinkin far beyond my limit to remember much of the show, if any at all. Apparently my friend said that I went on a big ol' "R.I.P. HANNEMAN" rant after the show was over at the parking lot for like 30 minutes(ahahha don't remember that but if that's what happened well I guess i take his word for it)...

It's a good thing that I am going to see Black Sabbath again next week because I plan on going to the show sober and leaving sober this time around so I can remember everything. Plus I am going by myself this time around so drinking is a big "no no" for this one. My friend drove us for this show but sadly i will be going solo to the Los Angeles show. And I plan on remembering EVERYTHING, with a giant review attached to the Hollywood show!

Originally Posted by christopher View Post
was bummed I forgot to hit up sep
It's all good bro. We better meet up for Slayer.
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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