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Metallica- S&M

1. The Ecstasy of Gold
2. The Call of Ktulu
3. Master of Puppets
4. Of Wolf and Man
5. The Thing That Should Not Be
6. Fuel
7. The Memory Remains
8. No Leaf Clover
9. Hero of The Day
10. Devil's Dance
11. Bleeding Me
12. Nothing Else Matters
13. Until it Sleeps
14. For Whom The Bell Tolls
15. -Human
16. Wherever I May Roam
17. The Outlaw Torn
18. Sad But True
19. One
20. Enter Sandman
21. Battery

So, around this time I had heard Metallica on the radio and liked some stuff but didn't really invest in them. Then a friend on my school bus (I credit the long school bus ride for introducing me to a lot of music) said if I like Metallica then check this out: Metallica playing a concert with a orchestra and I remember thinking: LOL A ROCK BAND PLAYING WITH A SISSY ORCHESTRA LOL GAYZ. Boy was I wrong

Say what you will about Metallica but this release was a highlight; many bands have done the show with an orchestra backing and Metallica made it work; a lot of credit goes to Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Orchestra, the whole album feels powerful, and once I gave it a chance, it turned me onto the band and pushed me to go after their other releases, starting with Ride the Lightning. One of my all time favorite live albums, S&M gave me the unusual route to Metallica

Today's score 9/10
10/29-King Diamond/Exodus
11/7-Machine Head
11/11-Blind Guardian
11/21-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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