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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
He's pretty much been done with them for awhile now even though he was still under contract for some time. He was a good wrestler but he just didn't have any personality or given a character to make you care about him. Maybe they should've made him a Heyman guy, that would've helped him out.

I don't get why Vince has forgotten about how great managers can be when it comes to getting guys with little or no mic skills over. There's plenty of guys who could have benefited from that over the last number of years. Instead he just let's them go out there and flounder on their own when it's obvious all some of these guys need is a good talker at their side to help get them over.
I like T.D. Jr. Sure he didn't do much, but he was/is a lot more enjoyable than Cody Rhodes.
Speaking of Cody, I watched the first 5 minutes of Main Event last night... those cheers HAD to be edited in for Cody, it was insanely loud

And to the Manager topic, I feel Heyman is not helping Curt Hennig's son at all. That dude is just not believable. I am sure he is good and I am just not watching him enough, but he's just too generic for me.
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