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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
Yeah, see below. I go to a ton of shows. And I have no problem with package arena tours with mainstream music. Love Sevendust, Chevelle, older Linkin Park, Incubus. I'm seeing NIN a few times soon, Pearl Jam too. But this tour is just utter garbage.
Looking at the shows in your signature, I see EyeHateGod. I don't know anything about their music but didn't their drummer just die? Is your show still even going to happen?

So jealous you're seeing Nine Inch Nails. I really want to see them live. They were in Chicago for Lollapalooza, but it sold out before the whole lineup was even released. But, if they come to Wisconsin or come back to Chicago, I'll be there! Still would love to see Linkin Park and Chevelle live also.
Upcoming concerts I'm attending-
The Strumbellas (June 19)
The Fray (July 8)
Marilyn Manson (July 16)
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