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Metalisart's most underrated albums


How about I'll start with two Aerosmith ones?

Get A Grip (1993)

Their previous album, Pump, was released in 1989 and was a good record. When this one came out, hair metal was dead, extreme metal had risen and grunge too, but part of that came to an end with a loud bang.

Who whould've thought that a record from a seventies band would sell millions? I. Because take away most of the ballads, and you have great solos (especially Brad Whitford's), heavy drumming and twisted lyrics (Flesh, get a grip with it's psychedelic sandwich) and a guest appearance by Lenny Kravitz on line up, which he also co-wrote.

I like it more than 1987's Permanent Vacation, it's not on par with most of their early work, but that was impossible...

Favorite track: Flesh

Nine Lives - 1997

Metal and hardrockfans are no stranger to Kevin Shirley...
He worked with Iron Maiden, Journey, Black Country Communion, Rush, Joe Bonamassa,...

So, this man produced an album that's rawer than it's predecessor, and the one that got me into the band, because of the video for pink.

It starts with Cat Styler growling, straight into the title track, which is pure hardrock with a great Brad Whiford solo.

Sure, there's some fluff and some weird stuff (Crash, dafuq is that?), but most of the songs fitted perfectly in their live set, as I was able to hear back in 1999.

Too bad it's now largely ignored.

Favorite track: Kiss your past goodbye.
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