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Originally Posted by marker View Post
I don't like this tour either but I wanted to ask a couple of questions. Who would you support and pay to see? When was the last time you bought a ticket and went to a show? It seems like you always talk about who you won't support so I was wondering.
Yeah, see below. I go to a ton of shows. And I have no problem with package arena tours with mainstream music. Love Sevendust, Chevelle, older Linkin Park, Incubus. I'm seeing NIN a few times soon, Pearl Jam too. But this tour is just utter garbage.
Whitechapel 11/10
Circa Survive,Title Fight 11/11
Jessica Lee Mayfield 11/18
Slipknot 12/6
Russian Circles,Mutoid Man 12/11
ETID,Architects 12/13
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