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it probably is another short leg, but regardless, i cannot imagine itll be full of that size of places, especially if its northeast focused as im assuming.

and the band i was thinking of was smashing pumpkins (for perspective, they sold 54,000 first week of their last album, and obviously havent been very relevant for a long long time. also they sold discounted tickets to this, under the guise of sandy relief)

and here is what the national (75,000 first week) can pull at barclays

QOTSA did 91,000 first week of their latest. by that vague logic you would think they could at least do what the national did.

also, a band like rush only was on selling 10,815 tickets total at barclays, so you can wipe that 18k number from your mind

also, mumford and sons and the postal service did 2 nights each there.
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