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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
I just noticed this thread and agree mostly with your ratings but differ with some. I think you have rated Hell Awaits way too high and Reign in Blood too low, IMO Hell Awaits is forgettable except that the title track is awesome and the last track is good too. In advance I will agree with others and complain if Beneath the Remains doesn't get 10/10.

In 1986 Peace Sells, Master of Puppets and Reign in Blood were the albums that made even kids in the suburbs like me notice thrash. I think all 3 of those records went gold and would be in my hypothetical Thrash Hall of Fame, not just for the greatness of the records themselves but the influence they had. Remember that there was no internet in 1986, radio wouldn't touch this stuff and MTV's Headbangers Ball wouldn't touch much of it and word of mouth/record sales and promotion was the only way a lot of people heard good music at all. A lot of people here seem to dismiss Master of Puppets as being the start of Metallica's sellout streak but for someone in 1986 who was first discovering this kind of music, it made a great start.

Totally agree with you with 5/10 for Detente, it gave no hint of the genius that Dawn Crosby would find with Fear of God's Within the Veil, one of the best albums of all time but you won't get to that one for several more years. Keep 'em coming!
I agree that those three albums from 1986 are of more influence than others, but that's not the point of this exercise. The fact is, is that we do have the internet now, and anyone can hear virtually any album ever with a few keystrokes and a bit of perseverance. I don't dismiss Master of Puppets at all... I think a 9/10 is a pretty strong score, same goes for Peace Sells at 9.5. I also don't dismiss Reign in Blood's far-reaching influence, but just because an album is influential, it doesn't mean it is the best ever, it just means a lot of people heard it. Of course, to be influential it does have to be good, which is what an 8/10 score would indicate. Obviously, this is all subject to my opinion as well, which some may agree with while others may not. Basically, I'm trying to look at all of these records while ignoring that word of mouth/promotion that you speak of. What if the internet had existed in the 1980's? Obviously the musical landscape would be much, much different, but let's not get crazy!

At any rate, I'm glad that many have found this thread entertaining, interesting, annoying, offensive or all of the above. Moving on...
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