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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
This is why I asked you before where you read your rumors from? It's been talked about everywhere since they Wyatt/Kane feud began that the Wyatts may kidnap Kane and brainwash him into joining them. They took Kane with them at Summerslam after their match and nothing has been heard from Kane since. It looks like that might be the way they're going with it. Maybe it will lead into a storyline where The Undertaker returns and saves Kane from the Wyatts.

Yeah, that was a good promo but some people are freaking out about it like it was at the same level as Punk's pipe bomb in 2011. It was good but it wasn't that good. I hope there's some heat on the Bellas for yelling shit during AJs promo. Totally unprofessional. Besides their bodies I have no clue what Cena and Bryan see in those two idiots and why they've been going out with them for so long now.
I think you answered your own question right there.
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