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Family Values Tour -- Denver, CO -- November 11th, 2001

So I'm switching it up a little; I figured as long as I am showing the albums that got me into metal, why show the shows I went do and how my tastes changed and stayed the same over the years

This was my very first hard rock/metal concert and I'm 99% sure about that I do not recall going to anything else before 1999. So some back story on this show: Korn had started the Family Values tour in 1999 and due to their rise in popularity when they released Follow the Leader, the tour was a hit, along with the 2000 version. I heard that Family Values would be touring in 2001 and I automatically thought "Oh yea I get to see Korn" turns out Korn would not be headlining but Stone Temple Pilots and I did not realize this until my dad had gotten tickets for us. I was sad that I assumed Korn would be on the tour but to make up for it, Static-X, Linkin Park and Staind (more on them later in this thread) would be playing.

The first band up were pure shit; they were called Deadsy and from the time they started to finish it was nothing but booing from the crowd. The only reason I believe they got on the tour was that the singer for the band was Elijah Blue Allman who is the son of Cher and her second husband Gregg Allman. Needless to say the music was horrible and I was so glad when they left.

Theme from Dune[Intro]
The Key to Gramercy Park
Le Cirque En Rose (Obsolescence)
Flowing Glower
Mansion World

Static X came up next and they also were good; I recall them having some sound issues but they pushed through and gave a good show

Black and White
...In a Bag
I'm With Stupid
Push It
Love Dump

Next on the bill was Linkin Park; I was very excited to see them as I loved their debut album Hybrid Theory (my review is a couple pages back) and they kicked ass.

With You
By Myself
Points of Authority
Step Up
Pushing Me Away
In the End
A Place for My Head
One Step Closer

Staind was next and was the band out of the 3 I liked that I was looking forward to; I'll review Break the Cycle here in a bit but it was my favorite album of 2001 so I loved every minute of the show

Open Your Eyes
Take It
For You
It's Been Awhile

Stone Temple Pilots headlined and since I had no idea who they were and the fact that it was a school night we left after a couple songs and I don't think I missed much STP is not really my cup of tea; this setlist is from a different city but I assume it is the same set

Wet My Bed
Wicked Garden
Big Empty
Dead & Bloated
Days of the Week
Sour Girl
Pretty Penny
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Interstate Love Song
Moby Dick
Sex Type Thing

Deadsy: 1/10
Static X: 8/10
Linkin Park: 8.5/10
Staind: 9/10
Stone Temple Pilots: N/A

Note: in my research said Puddle of Mudd played on this tour; I do not remember them at my show so I assume they were only on for a few shows, more than likely the openers before getting replaced by Deadsy; I would have much prefered POM
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