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I'd rather my last memories of Goldberg be that pathetic last few months in WWE than seeing a guy ten years older struggle in the ring. Yes, that match at Wrestlemania XX was godawful. One of the worst big matches of all time. But if I saw him come out and struggle or look like crap I'd be crushed. I think he's smart enough to know that. Unless Vince pays him a lot. And I mean A LOT. Like, more than anyone aside from Triple H and Cena. But I don't think Vince is dumb enough to pay the guy more than he's worth. Anything is possible, if Sable can come back to the WWE than anyone can come back to the WWE, but I really doubt we'll ever see Goldberg in a WWE ring ever again. And it's better that we don't.

I don't even want to see the guy in the Hall of Fame, I don't think he belongs there. It's the WWE Hall of Fame and he really didn't do much at all in the WWE.

I'd like to see him come back and just give some nice insight, interviews and commentary on the DVD set that's coming out later this year.
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