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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
I like most of A Thousand Leaves. Sonic Nurse is even better - and I only have to skip two songs! That's really good for them.

I haven't commented in here lately, but I like a lot of the things you've been posting. I should really check out more Aphex Twin. Oh, and seeing as how much you love Nails, check out All Pigs Must Die. Very similar sound, and I favor the latter much more highly.
If there's any problem with A Thousand Leaves it's that it's a little too long. And it peaks early with Sunday, Female Mechanic Now on Duty and Wildflower Soul. But if anyone was a fan of the Diamond Sea from Washing Machine there's no reason for them not to love the whole A Thousand Leaves album. Every song is like the Diamond Sea (just not as good).
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