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Carnival Of Madness -- Tinley Park, IL -- August 23rd, 2013

Ok so i dont do reviews that much so hopefully this will be ok!!!

Arrived to the arena about 15 minutes before the first band came on went straight to the pit section and waited for the show to start. The first band was a group called We As Human. I have never heard of them before but they were not that bad. The only thing if I felt bad because there were like maybe 500 people only there in the outside arena so they were playing in front of like no one compared to what the other bands were gonna play in front of. The band is produced by Skillets singer John Cooper. They were not bad at all.

We As Human:

Dead Man
Zombie (with John Cooper)
I Stand
Strike Back

Next was In This Moment and I was excited to see them again. It was my fourth or fifth time seeing them and it was amazing. Two dancers came out with masks on in a sexy slow crawl that got the crowd going. Out comes Maria and the crowd goes mental. They played basically only songs of there last cd but it was all radio hits but still amazing songs. They played about 25 minutes but still was outstanding. Maria has some new outfits and dancing with her sexy little counterparts was cool to see.

In This Moment:

Rise with Me

Next was Papa Roach. We thought Skillet was gonna be next but I guess they are rotating co headlining slots cause my friend went to the show on the 20th and she said skillet came out before papa roach. This was my third time seeing Papa Roach and first time outside which was really cool and in the day light which was even weirder cause usually you see bands like this at night or in a dark arena. They played all the hits except dead cell which made me sad. They still kicked ass got the crowd moving big time.

Papa Roach:

Still Swingin'
Blood Brothers
Give Me Back My Life
Between Angels and Insects
Where Did the Angels Go?
Leader of the Broken Hearts
...To Be Loved
Getting Away with Murder
Last Resort

Next was the band I was most excited to see SKILLET!!!!!!!!!! I dont care what you guys say I think they are an amazing talented band. They got the crowd jumping and moving the entire set and never stopped. They even had elevators they went up 20 feet and they were playing on them. They were just amazing and didnt preach about god or anything until the end when John said his ultimate hero was God. Overall they were amazing and there stage show is excellent. Overall best set of the night.


Whispers in the Dark
Sick of It
Awake and Alive
The Last Night
Not Gonna Die
Circus for a Psycho

Last band was Shinedown and let me tell you try and get as close as you can for this band. I was second row for shinedown and it made the set even better then the last time i saw them. Lots and lots and lots of fire. The singer really gets into in jumping around and looking pissed off singing which was awesome. He got the crowd moving and just overall was an amazing set. The carnival of madness crew came out during a couple songs twirling fire and dancing which was cool also. Overall it was an amazing show and I recommend anyone that could go to this to go to the show.


I'm Not Alright
The Crow & The Butterfly
I'll Follow You
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
If You Only Knew

Sound of Madness
Second Chance
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
10-1 Korn
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