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Deafheaven -- Los Angeles, CA -- August 23rd, 2013

4th time seeing them. This was the first time seeing them sell out a show in advanced. I had seen them 3 months prior to this (opening for Boris) and even did that didn't sell out. Thier new sophmore album,Sunbather , has been geting so much press and great reviews that this band has blown the fuck up and everyone and thier mama loves em now. They're a big deal now. Bigger venue,higer priced merch,and false hipsters saying they've loved em years ago. But I guess thats what happens when you write the most beautiful album of 2013.

WIFE opened up the show. If you ever heard Sunbather and know the instrumental song Irresistible, that sums up this band. Nice soft acoustic music I enjoy sitting down too. Last song they had vocals and it killed it for me. but still.
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Wreck & Reference came out of nowhere and suprised all of us. A really weird two peice experimental band mixed of Indie,New Wave,Hardcore,and other weird shit. The singer had some weird sqaure thing as an instument and played the fuck out of it. And a drummer that sang a bit. Im sure they made a lot of new fans that night.

It was also my 4th time seeing RETOX. A hardcore band featuring one of my favorite vocalist ever,Justin Pearson of The Locust,Holy Molar,etc. They also realsed a new album a while ago called YPLL and it kicks so much ass. JP and his band really brought it hard and made people go nuts. This seriously was my fav time seeing them as they played both new and old songs and JP was really into with his "OMG im soooo bored playing all the the time but whatever" face that he always has on. Also moshing around him was really fun. I loved them even tho JP did The Locust reunion the next day at a very expensive Hipster fest.

Deafheaven came out and did a very beautiful and powerful set. This time it was special cause they played Sunbather all the way through. And soon as Dream House hit we all went ape shit and sang a long. "IM DYING! IS IT BLISSFUL?" we all screamed with George Clarke. He was amazing on stage. His performance is amazing and powerful. Its like a religious service and he is the evil dictator telling you how to feel. He does it with his face expressions,his hand movements,his dance move,and his whole body when he goes to the audience and lets everyone touch him like he is the the highest power. This was also the 2nd time ever they played Vertigo. Kerry the guitar player played it fucking awesome like I expected him too and was giving just as much energy as George. It was great experience. As always. I can't wait to see em again. I always have fun at shows but Deafheaven is the only band to give me an emotional and spiritual feeling. It truly is beautiful.

Dream House
Irresistible(over PA)
Please Remember (over PA)
The Pecan Tree

2 complaints tho.


2.Antwon the rapper was on the side of the stage. Me and my bud kept yelling at him and he said hi. He has a song with Kerry of DFHVN called "In dark Denim". THIS WAS THE ONLY CHANCE OF THEM PLAYING IT LIVE AND THEY DIDN'T PLAY IT. Even when I asked Kerry to do so after the set.
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