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We Reach: the Music of the Melvins
Released on August 23rd, 2005
Label: Fractured Transmitter Recording Company


1. Night Goat (covered by Mare)
2. Honey Bucket (covered by the Dillinger Escape Plan)
3. The Bit (covered by Mastodon)
4. Zodiac (covered by Strapping Young Lad)
5. Claude (covered by Pig Destroyer)
6. Oven (covered by High on Fire & Keelhaul)
7. Shevil (covered by Meatjack)
8. Joan of Arc (covered by Strapadon Factory)
9. Boris (covered by Isis & Agoraphobic Nosebleed)
10. Revolve (covered by Pitch Black Forecast)
11. Easy as it Was (covered by Eyehategod)
12. Anaconda (covered by Dog Fashion Disco)
13. Raise a Paw (covered by Disengage)
14. Hog Leg (covered by Blessing the Hogs)
15. Laughing with Lucifer at Satan’s Sideshow (covered by CKY & Gnarkill)
16. Copache (covered by Maritime Murder)
17. Bar-X-The Rocking M (covered by Made out of Babies)
18. Echohead/Don’t Piece Me (covered by Pincer 2)

Oh god, this album sucks. It’s odd that there are so many bands on this tribute that I really enjoy covering so many songs I enjoy, yet I hate this record so much. Sometimes the stars don’t align or whatever. This is terrible. AVOID. Here’s another review I did of this a few weeks ago.
Best Song: Disengage – Raise a Paw
Rating: 0 out of 5
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch

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