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Mangled Demos from 1983
Released on May 31st, 2005
Label: Ipecac

Buzz Osborne Ė guitar, vocals
Matt Lukin Ė bass
Mike Dillard Ė drums

1. Elks Lodge Christmas Broadcast
2. If You Get Bored (live)
3. Forgotten Principles
4. Snake Appeal
5. (a picture of a flower)
6. If You Get Bored
7. Set Me Straight
8. (a communist star)
9. Iím Dry
10. Forgotten Principles
11. I Donít Know
12. Matt-Alec
13. The Real You
14. Run Around
15. Keep Away From Me
16. (a picture of a clover)
17. Bibulous Confabulation During Rehearsal
18. (an iron cross)
19. (a picture of a pencil)
20. Matt-Alec
21. Walter
22. (a picture of broken scissors)
23. (a picture of an airplane)

Again, I donít want to hear a bunch of old demos from thirty years ago. If youíre going to release some old stuff, Melvins, release some old stuff from your 1990ís heyday. I guess this is good for historical purposes but that doesn't mean I'm going to listen, or care. The story of some of the song titles in interesting. Some of the titles were forgotten over the years, so they just put a little picture as the song title instead. Ok, so maybe it wasn't that interesting.
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