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Bumping this thread to tell a story of what happened to me last night that REALLY pissed me off.

So my birthday was Tuesday, but I had to work so my family took me out to dinner last night to celebrate (it was my brother's birthday too, we are twins). So anyway, there were two guys sitting at a table next to us that were talking about politics and the military the whole time, and saying all kinds of violent stuff about killing people and stuff. Whatever, not appropriate at all since there were families in the restaurant, but I can just ignore that stuff (I'm a metal fan, I can put up with violent talk lol).

But then they started talking about Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. I'm not gonna get into politics here, beliefs are beliefs and I respect that. But the offensive language they were using got me so fucking mad. They were making fun of him for wanting to become a woman, using super homophobic and transphobic words, saying racist things about Obama (again, if you like or don't like him whatever, just don't be racist. Then they were going on and on saying Manning, Obama, and "all lefties" need to be "swinging from the end of a rope." And on top of all this, my brother is gay (identifies as queer), so how the hell is he supposed to feel about all this as he tries to celebrate his fucking birthday?? Eventually he got up and stormed out, and my Dad said someting before we all left, but that was just a really bad experience overall. I know people think like this, but hearing it firsthand just makes it that much worse. I am still glad my family took me out and it was a nice dinner, but we all left upset, which sucked. Sorry for the long rant, but its been a long time since I've been upset. If my brother wasn't so against fighting he would have beat the shit out of those guys. Even though there were both big guys, he had the anger of like 8 people inside of him. I felt so bad, any gay/queer/trans people should ever have to put up with that shit.
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