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Alice In Chains -- Tinley Park, IL -- August 22nd, 2013

This is actually a review of all the bands I saw at Uproar Festival yesterday. I went there with my mom as there were a handful of bands I wanted to see and both of us wanted to see the new supergroup Walking Papers (featuring Duff McKagan original bassist of Guns N Roses and Barrett Martin drummer of both Mad Season and Screaming Trees) and attend their signing. Anyhow, I had a blast there! After the 2 and a half hour drive from Greenfield, WI (a suburb of Milwaukee), arrived at Uproar at about 2:50, as I wanted to get there in time to see the band New Politics...

New Politics (3:10-3:35)-
Give Me Hope
Just Like Me
Tonight You're Perfect
Yeah Yeah Yeah

^ The first time I heard New Politics was on the major Milwaukee alternative music station (FM 102/1) as they have played their song Harlem a handful of times, which I really enjoyed. They put on a great, energetic set. They just put out their second album earlier this year and on stage the singer said that they are in the midst of a year and a half tour for it. I would definitely see them again if they came to Milwaukee or Chicago.

Walking Papers signing-
As soon as New Politics ended we headed over to the Rockstar Energy Tent for the Walking Papers signing. I got my copy of their self-titled debut album signed and finally got to meet Duff McKagan, which was an honor. I also got the answer to a question I had always wondered about which was "who played the horns on the Guns N Roses song "Move To The City"? I was surprised enough to find out that it was Duff McKagan's brother who played the brass on that song. I also got a picture with him.

Danko Jones (4:40-5:09)-
The Rules
Had Enough
First Date
Sugar Chocolate
Full Of Regrets

^ After taking a break to sit down and eat some funnel cake we headed back to the side stage where we saw New Politics to get a good spot for Walking Papers. Danko Jones came on before them. The singer whose name is Danko Jones seemed like a complete spaz, saying he wished it was raining so he could separate the real rockers from the fakes. And then someone in the crowd requested one of their songs that was an album cut. He keep talking to the guy saying he would be cool and deviate from the written setlist. But in the end he didn't because he wanted to play a song that was 10x as better as the one requested, which he said was about oral sex. I definitely wasn't a fan but someone in the crowd near me got the set and I asked to copy it down into my notebook in case anyone here or on was interested in it.

Walking Papers (5:39-6:12)-
The Whole World's Watching
Red Envelopes
Your Secret's Safe With Me
Capital T
The Butcher
Two Tickets And A Room

^ Walking Papers put on a great rocking show, as expected. During "The Butcher" the singer Jeff Angel came out into the crowd catching me off guard and patting me on the shoulder. I got one of the setlists from the security off the stage which after they were down playing I got signed by singer Jeff Angel and drummer Barrett Martin who were doing another post-show signing. They are excellent musicians who put 110% into their performance and are very nice down to earth guys. I would definitely see them again.

Circa Survive (setlist courtesy of another user on
Oh, Hello
Sharp Practice
Holding Someone's Hair Back
In The Morning And Amazing...
The Lottery
Brother Song
Get Out

^ After getting the setlist signed, we headed over to the main amphitheater stage. I caught the last three songs or so of Circa Survive. Someone else posted the setlist on which is where I got it from to post it here. They were an average band. The singer was picking on some young kid in the audience named Josh and dedicated a song to him by saying "Josh, I hope you get your dick sucked someday".

Coheed And Cambria (7:12-7:52)-
Keeping The Blade
Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry The Defiant
A Favor House Atlantic
Goodnight, Fair Lady
Number City
Gravity's Union
Ten Speed (Of God's Blood And Burial)
Key Entity Extraction III: Vic The Butcher
Welcome Home

^ Coheed And Cambria was a band I was not familiar with their music, so it is another setlist I took courtesy of another user on I thought they were an above average band. I really enjoyed the second to last song they played, Key Entity Extraction III: Vic The Butcher. I will probably look into a few of their albums

Jane's Addiction (8:19-9:18)-
Mountain Song
Had A Dad
Just Because
Ain't No Right
Been Caught Stealing
Another Soulmate
Three Days
Ocean Size
Jane Says

^ Jane's Addiction was a band I was really excited to see. I love their music and have all four of their official studio albums. Towards the end of their set, Perry Farrell said that Jerry Cantrell is a "nice young man" and joked that he was perfect for your teenage daughter to date. They were fun to watch and I was glad to finally see them live. Although, I wish they would played "Ted, Just Admit It...", which is my favorite Jane's Addiction song.

Alice In Chains (9:44-10:55)-
Them Bones
Check My Brain
Man In The Box
Acid Bubble
We Die Young
Down In A Hole
No Excuses

^ Finally, the time had come for Alice In Chains to take the stage. The band I was looking forward the most to finally be seeing live. I wanted to see them in May at The Rave in Milwaukee, but it was in the middle of my college finals week, so that didn't happen. Anyway, they put on one hell of a show! I wish they would have played Angry Chair, It Ain't Like That, and Your Decision but beggars can't be choosers. The set was awesome and Junkhead was definitely a big surprise highlight! One other missed opportunity I can think of is that they could have played Black Gives Way To Blue, a 2009 song dedicated to Layne Staley, whose birthday happened to be yesterday. Also, I was surprised at how poorly the show had sold, many seats near me were empty and the lawn was completely empty with the exception of one or two people. But regardless, I had such a great time yesterday and don't regret going by ANY means.
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