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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
No, but they should wait til the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania. What I'm saying is wrestling fans need to develop a sense of patience.
Bryan has been kicking ass since he came to the WWE three years ago. US champ, MITB winner, World Champ, great tag title run with Kane, pinned Cena clean at summerslam and is now the most over face on the roster. The time to be patient with him has come and gone. Bryan's time is now and if the WWE waits until the Rumble or Mania for him to become champ I don't believe the crowd will be as hot for him by then. That's why you need to get the belt off the boring and bland Orton and put it on Bryan ASAP. Yeah, Orton hasn't been champ in two years but it still feels like the same old shit with him as champ. Bryan is fresh and exciting and they need to roll with that right now and make him the champ while the crowd is still overwhelmingly on his side.