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Dream M3 Festival Setlists/Line-Up

Dirty Penny:
1.Midnight Ride
2.If I Were You I'd Hate Me To
3.Runnin' Wild
4.Crash And Burn

1.Wasted In America
2.Blackout In The Red Room
3.Rock Queen
4.Miss America
5.She's An Angel
6.Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

Loudness (co-headliner):
1.This Lonely Heart
2.Crazy Doctor
3.Heavy Chains
4.We Could Be Together
5.Let It Go
6.Crazy Nights
8.Soldier Of Fortune

Kix (headliner):
1.Rock & Roll Overdose
2.Midnite Dynamite
3.Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT
4.The Itch
5.Layin' Rubber
6.Get It While It's Hot
8.For Shame
9.Red Hot (Black & Blue)
10.Girl Money
11.Blow My Fuse
12.Yeah Yeah Yeah
13.Don't Close Your Eyes
14.Cold Blood

Main Stage:
1.Beg Beg Beg
2.Living On The Run
3.1000 Miles
4.It's All About Tonight

Every Mother's Nightmare:
1.House Of Pain
2.Walls Come Down
3.Cryin' Shame
4.Love Can Make You Blind
5.Hard To Hold

1.Forever Young
2.Lay Your Body Down
3.Rescue Me
4.Here's Hoping It Hurts
5.Meet Me In The Night

Enuff Z'nuff:
1.Hot Little Summer Girl
2.Baby Loves You
3.Heaven Or Hell
4.New Thing
5.There Goes My Heart
6.Fly High Michelle
7.For Now

Danger Danger:
1.Rock America
2.That's What I'm Talkin' About
3.Monkey Business
4.Naughty Naughty
5.I Still Think About You
6.Bang Bang
7.Don't Walk Away
8.Crazy Nites

1.Raised On Rock
2.You're The Victim (I'm The Crime)
3.Streets Of Rock & Roll
4.Back To The City
5.United Nations
6.Lay Down The Law
7.Somebody's Waiting
8.The Right To Rock

L.A. Guns:
1.Hellraiser's Ball
2.Sex Action
3.One More Reason
4.Kiss My Love Goodbye
5.Rip And Tear
6.Electric Gypsy
7.Ballad Of Jayne
8.Showdown (Riot On Sunset)
9.No Mercy

Triumph (co-headliner):
1.Boy's Night Out
2.Headed For Nowhere
4.Allied Forces
5.Rock & Roll Machine
6.I Live For The Weekend
7.Never Surrender
8.Magic Power
9.Never Say Never
10.Follow Your Heart
11.Fight The Good Fight

Europe (headliner):
1.Last Look At Eden
2.Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
3.Seven Doors Hotel
5.Carrie (just because they will never NOT play it)
6.Halfway To Heaven
7.Start From The Dark
9.More Than Meets The Eye
11.Rock The Night
13.Prisoners In Paradise
14.The Final Countdown

Festival Stage:
Pretty Wild:
1.Shockin' Teen
3.Let The Good Times Roll
4.All The Way

1.Face Down In The Gutter
2.Inside Out
3.Whiskey On A Heartache
4.Feels Good

1.Everyone's A Star
2.Listen To Your Heart
3.Seven Seas
4.Tonight I'm Falling
5.10,000 Lovers (In One)

1.The Wild Life
2.Burnin' Bridges
3.Take Me Away
4.Mad About You
5.Fly To The Angels
6.Up All Night

Lizzy Borden:
1.Somethin's Crawlin'
2.There Will Be Blood Tonight
4.Council For The Cauldron
5.Menace To Society
6.Tomorrow Never Comes
7.Me Against The World
8.American Metal

Tesla (co-headliner):
1.Comin' Atcha Live
2.Rock Me To The Top
3.Hang Tough
4.Love Me
5.Forever More
6.Lady Luck
8.Little Suizi
9.Edison's Medicine (Man Out Of Time)
10.Modern Day Cowboy

Europe needs to headline this festival.One show in the US will attract all Europe fans across North America, and it's not like the thousands of people that go every year won't go because they are headlining.Think about it guys, think about it....

Probably will do setlists later.
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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