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Pigs of the Roman Empire (w/Lustmord)
Released on August 23rd, 2004
Label: Ipecac

King Buzzo – vocals, guitar, bass, electronics
Dale Crover – drums, guitar
Kevin Rutmanis – bass, slide bass, electronics, guitar, keyboards
Adam Jones – guitar
B. Lustmord – sound design, programming and production
Sir David Scott Stone – additional electronics and keyboards

1. III
2. The Bloated Pope
3. Toadi Acceleratio
4. Pigs of the Roman Empire
5. Pink Bat
6. ZZZZ Best
7. Safety Third
8. Idolatrous Apostate
9. Untitled (Hidden Track)

One of the rare gems in the Melvins post 2000 careers. Lustmord (I don’t even really know or care who he is) adds some nice textures to the Melvins music and they provide some of the best riffs they’ve written in a while. The album is mostly instrumental and has some really fucked up shit on it but it’s probably the last Melvins full-length album I enjoyed.
Best Song: Pigs of the Roman Empire (I can't find a link to the full twenty minute version, but this is my favorite part)
Rating: 4 out of 5
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