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26 Songs
Released sometime in 2003
Label: Ipecac

Buzz Osborne – guitar, vocals
Matt Lukin – bass, vocals
Dale Crover – drums

1. Easy As It Was
2. Now a Limo
3. Grinding Process
4. #2 Pencil
5. At a Crawl
6. Disinvite
7. Snake Appeal
8. Show Off Your Red Hands
9. Over From Underground
10. Cray Fish
11. Easy As It Was
12. Now A Limo
13. Grinding Process
14. At a Crawl
15. Disinvite
16. Snake Appeal
17. Set Me Straight
18. Show Off Your Red Hands
19. #2 Pencil
20. Grinding Process
21. Snake Appeal
22. At a Crawl
23. Operation Blessing
24. Breakfast on the Sly
25. Ever Since My Accident/Hugh

Here we are again. There was already a Six Songs, an Eight Songs and a Ten Songs released ten to fifteen years before this. Why did Ipecac and the Melvins feel it was necessary to release this? Unlike those other three releases this is just too much of the same. How many versions of At a Crawl, Grinding Process and Snake Appeal do you really need to hear within an hour? If your answer is three then I guess you should get this version of the “____ Songs” albums. I’ll stick with Ten Songs
Rating: 1 out of 5
12/12 - Madball
12/30 - WWE
01/15 - Fuck the Facts
01/22 - Sleep
02/27 - Inertia 20th Ann. Show
03/06 - Cradle of Filth
03/12 - Tortoise(?)
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