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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Wouldn't go as far as to say that. They were touring w/ huge bands in the early 2000s & getting on huge tours (Ozzfests, Jäger Tour w/ Stone Sour, Headbangers Ball Tour, did they do Sounds of the Underground ever?). Last big thing I recall was that one day Ozzfest in what '08 & touring w/ FFDP & Otep & they couldn't even headline over FFDP who were still early on before getting huge?

Don't they pretty much do tiny clubs now? I still like SF but they've dropped big time. They aren't at Chimairia level yet but they are getting close. On top of Jon going to Anthrax.
Was Shadows Fall ever doing more than tiny clubs on their own though? Even at their peak on a major label they never reached the KsE/Lamb of God level some people thought they would. And they did Sounds of the Underground in 2007.

Shads has a tour with Hatebreed coming up where they're direct support so that should be ok for them. And they did that KsE tour a year ago too. Also Mayhem fest in 2010.
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