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The Sword -- Brooklyn, NY -- August 18th, 2013

The Sundering
Veil Of Isis
How Heavy This Axe
Cloak Of Feathers
Arcane Montane
Barael's Blade
Tres Brujas
Maiden, Mother & Crone
Dying Earth
Seven Sisters
Night City

Glad a caught a headlining show from The Sword. They sounded great! I love how they are still opening with The Sundering. I always loved that as an intro. Openers were pretty good too. The first band, American Sharks were ok. Most of their songs were quite short and every riff started sounding like Wolfmother songs after a while but they weren't bad. The second band, Castle, sounded promising but unfortunately had to cut the set short because the guitarist's amp was having issues. During the downtime the drummer would play some well known drum parts and take requests from the audience. They had a female singer/bass player and overall they had a cool sound. Overall, it was a fun show. Great live band, my favorite venue in New York, got a shirt and caught a pick!
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