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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Forgot Summerslam was last night, just looked at Wikipedia (woulda done a better site...but the internet speed at work is equivalent to dial up).... cool they gave Bray Wyatt the win over Kane, unsure about having RVD take the title from Ambrose....and Orton cashing in his MITB briefcase after Daniel Bryan won the title from Cena...
RVD won by DQ so Ambrose is still US champ. The Bray Wyatt win wasn't cool at all because they just had Kane beat the shit out of him the entire match until the other Wyatts found a way to interfere. You don't even get a sense of how Bray wrestles because he only landed like, 2 moves.

Overall I liked it. Punk v. Lesnar was very good and it was great to see Cena lose. I can't be mad about Orton cashing in. The Orton/Bryan feud should be good.

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