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Hostile Ambient Takeover Seven-Inch Singles
Released between January 28th, 2003 and March 11th, 2003
Label: Ipecac

Dale Crover – drums, vocals
Kevin Rutmanis – bass
King Buzzo – vocals, guitar

Single 1: Black Stooges/Foaming (fast version)
Single 2: Dr. Geek/Return of the Spiders (Alive Cooper cover)
Single 3: Little Judas Chongo/Jerkin’ Krokus (Mott The Hoople cover)
Single 4: The Fool, the Meddling Idiot/Promise Me (Gun Club cover)
Single 5: The Brain Center at Whipples/Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World (Ramones cover)
Single 6: Foaming/Arnie (Warlock Pinchers cover)
Single 7: The Anti-Vermin Seed

I have no desire to hear this. I didn’t really like Hostile Ambient Takeover that much, I don’t have a turntable and these are impossible to find anyway. And why would I want to hear the best song off Hostile Ambient Takeover fade-out halfway and have to flip the record over to hear the other half (the Anti-Vermin Seed). There’s another cover of a song called White Kids on Dope by a band called the Tubes that was recorded for these singles but I’m not sure where it ended up. And I don’t care.
Best Song: the Anti-Vermin Seed
Rating: N/A
04/30 -- Amon Amarth
05/11 -- Ring of Honor
05/20 -- Weedeater
05/28 -- Sick of it All
06/10 -- Sunn 0)))
06/19 -- Nails
06/25 -- Madball

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