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Released on February 6th, 2001
Label: Man’s Ruin

King Buzzo – vocals, guitar, and RMS 2000
Dale – drums, guitar, backing vocals, organ and RMS 2000
Kevin – bass, backing vocals, slide bass, string arrangement and RMS 2000
Mark Deutrom – bass on Shit Storm, Tipping the Lion and Interstellar Overdrive

1. Shit Storm
2. Youth of America (Wipers cover)
3. Gluey Porch Treatments (New & Improved Version)
4. Revolve (New & Improved Version)
5. Missing (Cows cover)
6. Lovely Butterflies (New & Improved Version)
7. Tipping the Lion (New & Improved Version)
8. Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd cover)

I see this as the last great Melvins release before they started to tumble. There are some really cool covers on here as well as some reworking of some older songs that are really interesting to hear. The unfortunate thing about this album is Man’s Ruin went out of business shortly after it was released and this album is long out of print, and pretty impossible to find. Too bad, Man's Ruin released some really good music around the turn of the century. And if the Melvins had stayed with them rather than going with Ipecac maybe they would've given them a little less freedom and kept some of the shit music that came out later on from seeing the light of day. If you can find it I suggest you buy it, PM me and mail it to me.
Best Song: Tipping the Lion (New & Improved Version)
Rating: 4 out of 5
04/03 -- Harms Way
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05/16 -- Sons of OTIS
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