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The Maggot
Released on May 17th, 1999
Label: Ipecac

King Buzzo – vocals, guitar and bass
Dale Crover – drums, guitar and vocals
Kevin Rutmanis – bass, slide bass and screaming

1. amazon
2. amazon
5. We All Love JUDY
6. We All Love JUDY
7. Manky
8. Manky
9. The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown) (Fleetwood Mac cover)
10. The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown) (Fleetwood Mac cover)
11. The Horn Bearer
12. The Horn Bearer
13. Judy
14. Judy
15. See How Pretty, See How Smart
16. See How Pretty, See How Smart

Trilogies were all the rage in 1999. People didn’t set out to make movies as a trilogy as they do today. They made a movie, and if the demand was there there’d be a sequel and maybe a third movie. But in 1999 Star Wars started it’s prequel trilogy and trilogies became all the rage. So the Melvins set forth with their trilogy; a heavy album, a laid back album and an experimental album. This is the heavy album and simply put; this is one of the heaviest albums ever. Tech death bands can play as many notes as they want and other bands can play eight string guitars all they want. But this is fucking simple and fucking heavy. This is probably my favorite Melvins album and one of my favorite albums ever. AMAZON will kick your ass and make you into a man. That riff is just…wow. It's probably one of my favorite riffs ever. And the album doesn’t let up after that. I can’t recommend this enough. You need this album. It was also released the day before my nineteenth birthday, which in Ontario meant I was legal age to by alcohol and get into licensed shows. So it's also know as the second greatest day in most teenagers in Ontario's lives up to that point. If there’s anything wrong with this album it’s that it’s more than a little annoying that the songs are all split right in half over two tracks. But you’re going to be listening to this from start to finish every time anyway. The Maggot also marked the beginning of the Melvins relationship with Mike Pattons Ipecac records, a label they still release music on today with…mixed results. But, we’ll get into that later. Seek this out at all cost.
Best Song: AMAZON
Rating: 5 out of 5
05/20 -- Weedeater
05/28 -- Sick of it All
06/03 -- Nadja
06/10 -- Sunn 0)))
06/19 -- Nails
06/25 -- Madball
07/09 -- WWE
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