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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Blood Money - Red, Raw and Bleeding! - 1986

Wow, sometimes an album really surprises you. I wasn't expecting much from this British quartet, but this is some good thrash. Heavily rooted in NWOBHM, it's a bit of a throwback but this is some down and dirty, riff-crazy stuff with some excellent, powerful, melodic vocals over top. And really, that's it -- vocalist Danny Foxx is so likeable in his role that the rest of the band could be playing some pretty generic stuff and it may receive a passing grade. Luckily though, the instrumentation is up to snuff, so this is a very enjoyable experience. Also, with song titles like "Deathstiny"... I mean, come on.

Standouts: Gor, Deathstiny, Death Heavy

Score: 7.5/10
I've heard a few tracks on YouTube and this is an excellent description. This is one gem that should be talked about more, and I really wish it was more widely available. I've never had any luck finding a copy.

Cyclone - Brutal Destruction - 1986

It's not like Cyclone's debut album is without merit. I mean, depending on what you heard first, maybe you like it better than Feel the Fire, or Eternal Devastation, but I doubt it. This is not a groundbreaking release in any way, and while it may be a pretty spirited affair, the over-the-top vocals and pedestrian songwriting make sure it becomes nothing more than an also-ran in the great 1980's thrash race.

Standouts: Fall Under His Command, Fighting the Fatal

Score: 4/10
This description is absolutely bang-on, but I really like this album for some reason. The vocals are great, and "Fall Under His Command" is a wicked track.
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