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Static X- Machine

Sorry this hasn't been updated for a bit; quite busy with work and internship....I'm pretty much done with the music I got into in 2000 so I'm going to move forward to 2001

1. "Bien Venidos" 0:21
2. "Get to the Gone" 2:49
3. "Permanence" 4:01
4. "Black and White" 3:50
5. "This Is Not" 2:57
6. "Otsego Undead" 3:29
7. "Cold" 3:40
8. "Structural Defect" 3:39
9. "Shit In a Bag" 4:21
10. "Burn to Burn" 4:17
11. "Machine" 3:27
12. "A Dios Alma Perdida" 5:58

2001 was the year I felt like I started getting into more heavy material over the radio/MTV friendly stuff; and Machine really knocked me over

Starting with a gentle Latin jingle it turns heavy and dark quick with Get to the Gone. While this album is far from perfect some of the songs like Black & White, Cold, and Burn to Burn really started to mold the type of metal I still like today; plus you have to give props to a band not afraid to have a song called Shit in a Bag which is a song about.....shitting in a bag on tour bus

Static-X kinda faded away and in the latter parts of their career felt like a joke almost; but this is album I can pop in today and enjoy as much as I did in 2001

Today's score 7.5/10
07/02-Guns N Roses
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