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Alive at the Fucker Club
Released in 1998
Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Buzz Osborne Ė guitar, vocals
Dale Crover Ė drums, vocals
Mark Deutrom Ė bass, vocals

1. Boris
2. Itís Shoved
3. Bar-X-The Rocking M
4. Antitoxidote
5. The Bloat
6. Lizzy
7. Mombius Hibachi

With so much material out at this point to release just a live EP isnít really worth it. They couldíve released a double live album at this point and still left a lot out. So why even bother? Because theyíre the Melvins, I guess. Thereís some really good songs on here but as Iíve said before Iím not a fan of live albums, so Iíve never bothered with this.
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